Email marketing platform seamlessly integrated with Mailgun’s email sending platform.

Ongage is an email marketing platform that allows professional email marketers to send high-volume email campaigns, learn from results, and optimize customer interactions. Thanks to a robust campaign interface, flexible API, and an in-depth analytics module, Ongage makes sure that you’re able to nurture growth, and land in the inbox.

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About Ongage

Mailgun is the leading API-based email delivery service to send, receive, and track email. Our Platform is designed to help improve engagement and conversion rates, allowing you to achieve your business goals faster.

About Mailgun

Mailgun and Ongage can help you with

Use up to 150 data points for each contact to create dynamic and highly-tailored email messages.

Segmentation & Personalization

High-End Campaigns & Reporting

Launch sophisticated emails, gain in-depth insights, and optimize for better engagement and deliverability.

Email Deliverability 

Build a strategy with email experts ready to assist you in creating the best email program for your business.

Code-Free Email Design

Focus on the marketing side of things and send enterprise-quality emails via a robust and easy-to-use interface.

Better Together

Mailgun and Ongage come together to offer email solutions that help you get your messages to the right people at the right time. We help professional email marketers solve deliverability issues and drive better results for their large scale email campaigns.

Mailgun and Ongage can help you with

Email Deliverability Services